Founder / Head Engineer - Jed Dawson

Since high school, I have been involved with my family's small waste hauling operation in Paso Robles, California, working as a welder, driver, and eventually Operations Manager. Throughout this propagation of responsibilities and roles, I always knew that the industry’s software was falling short in vital ways.

All along I’ve been a self-proclaimed computer nerd, so I decided to leave the hauling operation to studying Computer Science which eventually led to building applications that set new standards for the industry.

At CORE, I created the eMobile and WebCORE add-ons for EnCORE, which allow drivers to digitally receive and interact with their routes. This software has not only added efficiency to waste hauling, but added revenue streams as well.

I started Edison Code to further enhance and evolve software for the solid waste industry. In the first few months I created Opportune Time, an online time clock application solving specific challenges for waste haulers. Less than 1 year later, WasteMate was born to set a new standard for waste service sign up and service ordering. The software makes haulers more efficient and provides subscribers with the best possible ordering experience.

Creative Director - Katie Korgan


My dad was a graphic designer for Saul Bass in the 60s. Nearly 50 years later, his portfolio pieces look as if they could have been designed today. This is my lifetime goal as a designer and filmmaker. I strive to create work that will transcend time and trends; to create something that will be intriguing 50 years from now.

WEB AND INTERACTIVE experience includes a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and a full grasp of the benefits and limitations of web versus print.